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tv   News  ABC  December 28, 2009 6:30am-7:00am EST

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yesterday. >> win on sunday in oakland. all right. >> good morning to you. >> thanks for jobbing us. hope you had a wonderful weekend. let's get ocheck on our weather. >> good morning to you. we lucked out here. think about it. after the big blizzard last weekend and we had the big melt and washout on friday and saturday and yesterday temperatures pushing 50 degrees. this morning the cold air coming back at us. partly to mostly cloudy sky and stephenson university 36 but winds pushing 26 miles per hour and the strong winds actually helping to usher in the cold air. an occasional flurry trying to push through from widespread snow up and back into the mountains. there's a wider view that gives you a perspective of what's happening in our west. at least a chance of a anywherely as we're headed into the afternoon. back to the roads now at 6:30, here's kim brown. >> traffic along the beltway is moving nicely. we don't have any problem to let you know about.
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just some building volume. looking fine on both the inner and outer loop. good news if you're traveling through carol county. 70 westbound traffic is able to get by to the far left. that's at ridge road. and earlier bus fire blocking all lanes. you checks president-elect some lengthy delays in that area and we do have some debris in the roadway reported at buck's schoolhouse road and that is at jacob's field road. just use some caution. that is a storm drain grate that has come loose in the roadway so as we look at the city cameras no problems to talk about. back to you. to a developing story, he ran a business in this morning police are trying to run down the gunman who shot and stabbed a business owner in northwest baltimore. we're joined live in the studio with reaction from the neighbors as well as authorities. >> reporter: baltimore city police need your help tracking down the person that killed wane
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rooter a jewelry store owner. the suspect didn't take anything from the jewelry store in northwest baltimore. this all happened saturday night. now, baltimore police say 56-year-old wayne rooter, the store owner, was stabbed in the chest and shot multiple times. he was the only person in the store at the time and police say robbery was not a motive in this murder. a neighbor says he saw what appeared to be a car at his home taken by a police department tow truck over a week ago and police have not confirmed that information. a family member found him at the store. he later died at a local hospital. his family grew concerned when they couldn't reach him. >> a family member decided to go to the store, they figured he may be there. when they got there they found him suffering from his injuries that ultimately killed him. >> there was a home invasion robbery not far from his home. right now there doesn't appear to be a connection and if you have any information you're asked to call detectives.
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live in the studio, abc 2 news. all new this morning relatives of an 11-year-old girl who died after police say she was abducted by a registered sex offender will not have to pay for her funeral or burial. sarah faxwell was abducted from her home last tuesday. 30-year-old tom leggs jr. is charged with kidnapping and burglary in her disappearance. sarah's body was found christmas day and brought to the medical examiner's office here in baltimore. leggs is a registered sex offender in maryland and delaware. a funeral home in salisbury says donors have come forward and offered to cover the cost of the little girl's funeral. yesterday was a shore which is islam's most important observation for shiites.
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security forces fired on stone throwing protesters in iran. witnesses say that at least five people were killed making it one of the bloodiest confrontations in months. police have denied using fire . i allow myself to relax in a situation like that. >> you go out there and you battle. we're competing like crazy to win the football game the best we can. you fight for it. that's what we do. we fight our hearts out. >> man, we heard more whistles than a beautiful woman walking by a construction site yesterday. this man is waving everything. mason is a catch master but wouldn't put his paws on this one. a big ben pass and takes it all the way back but it's brought all the way back because of a darn flag. willis scores a touchdown right here or so he thought. but guess what?
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this is brought back because of a flag. >> all right. even by losing to pittsburgh 23-20, if the reps beat oakland this suns they can make the playoffs. okay. enough with the flags. look at this. here's a nice referee. sarah thomas made history on saturday. she's the first woman to ofeshuate a college football bowl game. she was the line judge in the little ceasar's pizza bowl. she's one of the five women officiating college football games. she was the first to draw the assignment for a bowl subdivision post game game. so congratulations to her. >> yeah, it's about time. the 9/11 attacks changed our world. right? familiarly how we travel. >> yeah, that travel is now the focus of a federal and s investigators who say that a man tried to blow up a jet liner. 37 degrees but winds between 20 and 30 miles per hour this
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morning. strong winds, colder air and perhaps a coastal winter storm by new year's. so much to talk about. stick around. we've got that coming up next but right now a peek of the roads. >> looking good around the beltway this morning. traffic is managing to get by with really no problems. 70 westbound at ridge road. traffic is able to scoot by to the left but expect some lengthy delays as the rest of the lanes are blocked. and now a check with the buses and trains. >> good morning, everyone. looking very good out on the rails right now. no delays on the camden or brunswick lines. lite rail metro subway still on time. 23 and 55 buses diverting staying on 702 to a water main break repair. and monument and lieu certain due to some utility work.
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we're sitting on top of our top stories this morning. investigators are looking into the attempt to bring down a transatlantic airliner this morning. the eck plosives the man had hid on his body would have been easily detected with the right equipment. the federal government will investigate. a man left dead saturday night in the 700 block of west lexington street just west of mlk boulevard. the fight broke out in front of the house and according to police, 53-year-old ashley harper and sons walked outside of the house and a gunman assaulted them. one of the best basketball coaches is having a change of heart. he announced he was leaving the sidelines. the coach of the florida gators changed his mind saying he could be back before next season. meyer said his close connection
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with players led him to re-evaluate the program he has led to two national championships. hae had been running his business in northwest baltimore. >> but a crook ended his life and search for the gunman and reaction from neighbors. plus a health alert this morning. the vaccines adults are not getting and now they could mean fewer trips to the doctor's office. >> and it was a scenario played out time and time again. another close loss but is there any plans in the future? they could still make it. we'll find out when we come back.
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it is the last monday of 2009. >> wow. >> wow. >> all right. here's justin. wow us, will you? >> well, look. we came from record snowstorm to everything melting away over the weekend. now it's time to build back into that and cold air trying to stream in this morning. 37 in baltimore. ranging from 41 in ocean city on one extreme to 18 now in oakland and western maryland and
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windchill now sitting at 4 above. our windchill in the mid-20s and some gusty winds building in that will continue to build in over the course of today. snow showers to our north. basically locked up on the other side of the mountain. i do believe we have a chance to get some of that moved through. that in addition with a cold front spotted through the great lakes to reenforce this arctic blast and that is going to take charge for most of this week. for the amp partly to mostly cloudy downtown baltimore after reaching an early high of 40. and staying in the mid-30s in the north and west sections where there could be a snow shower in westminster. we'll talk about a better chance of snow for new year's coming up in just a bit. well, volume is starting to get heavy on the outer loop here at harford road. a little bit of a slowdown as you're making your way beyond this exit here but we do have a report of a disabled vehicle near the exit so keep that in
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mind. also a new incident coming in southbound 85 at the 895 split and good news in carol county on the carol county side, 70 westbound past ridge road. that earlier bus fire continues to block two lanes but traffic is able to scoot by to the left but you can expect some delays in that area as well. traffic really looks great in both directions. no problems to let you know about on the 83. back to you. 6:46 right now to a developing story days after the failed terror attack on the northwest flight 253, another incident on the same flight to detroit. the crew reported that a passenger had locked himself in the bathroom on a plane in detroit. turns out that he was sick. meantime the nigerian man accused of the christmas terror attack was moved from the hospital this morning to where he was treated for burn wounds. all the roads point back to
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yemen. i think it's a deadly combination. >> today the nigerian suspect will face a federal court hearing during which prosecutors will seek to obtain dna samples. sources tell us that he will not appear at this hearing. instead he will be represented by his attorney. well, the suspect ld terror attack has caused all of our airports to step up security and airport officials are telling all passengers that there will be a change in the way you're screened especially if you're nighing overseas. here's linda out at bwi marshall this mo. >> reporter: effective pedoly passengers on international flights heading to the u.s. will be screened a second time at boarding gates. another change to note is that during the last hour of flight, passengers must remain seated with no personal items on their laps. jammed airports were a scene of bedlam yesterday as travelers were left in long lines and rushing to make alternative mrabs. the new rules don't apply to
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domestic flights but you can still expect tightened security like patdowns and random checks at the gate. >> every item was examined. they took it out and they used their sniffer tester, whatever, they were running it along inside. they wanted everything out of the bag and examined the interior of the bag. >> the tsa has not said how long these new security measures will be in mace, but with more travelers heading to the airport rs for the new year's eve holiday you can expect tighter security measures and longer lines. 6:48 right now. baltimore city police are sernling for the person who shot and stabbed a jewelry store owner inside his own business. we're following the story. we have reaction not only from the victim's neighbor but authorities as well. >> reporter: well, magan, authorities are baffled by this weekend murder. they're not sure why someone would want to kill the jewelry store owner. on saturday he was found inside the jewelry store. he was stabbed in the chest and
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shot several times. he later died at the hospital. he was the only person in the store at the time and police say it doesn't appear to be a robbery attempt there. detectives also tell us that it appears nothing was taken from the jewelry store in northwest baltimore. >> from what we understand he was an upstanding, outstanding citizen, business man, so it's definitely a mesly that we're trying to get to the bottom of. >> reporter: less than two weeks ago there was a home invasion robbery not far from his home and there doesn't appear to be a connection. if you have information on this case please call homicide detectives. . we're 11 minutes now away from 7:00. one of the victims of a carbon monoxide leak that happened two weeks ago has died. fire crews found deadly levels of carbon monoxide here at the eagle walk apartment complex in the 7500 block of twin crest court. s that back on december the 18th. two women, a man and an 1 is
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month old child had to go to the hospital. one of those women died saturday because of the effects of carbon monoxide. well, of course you keep up your kids' vaccinations especially during flu season, but did you know there's a list of vaccines that adults need to keep up with as well? in fact, health experts say many americans are dying because they don't roll up their sleeves. here's kelly with an important health . de-ann was recently tweeted for the swine flu. >> i was scared to death that yes, i was going to die. i had severe chills, my bones were aching from my head to my toes. >> turns out her flu was complicated by pneumonia, something that could have been prevented. she's among those recommended to get the pneumonia vaccine but she didn't know. >> there is a relationship between h1n1 and flu infection and bacterial new moan ya and so
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it is highly recommended that individuals who get the vaccine who are at risk. >> and it's not just the flu or pneumonia. the percentage of adults getting vaccinations is extremely low. only 25% of those who qualify for the pneumonia vaccine get it and only 32% who need the hepatitis b shot. so why do so many adults skip? >> they didn't know they needed the vaccine or their physician hadn't recommended it, so there's a lot of room here, cdc or physicians to be doing education and outreach. >> while pediatrician send out imization reminders the cdc only found that 22% of doctors ask about their vaccination status. >> it does not happen as much as
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it should. medicine is a bit slow. our health care system is actually around reactive medicine. >> so don't wait around for a note from your doc. >> if your physician isn't asking you about those vaccines i would ask them to ask you about your vaccines. it's a two-way street. >> recommendations vary according to things like age and some medical history. but some are for everyone. >> it's recommended that every ten years that you get a booster for tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis. recently there's been a resurgence with pertussis. >> this is a reactivation of chickenpox, shingles is, and it could affect older adults because again, immunity starts to wane. >> she got hit with the shingles. >> my face hurt so bad i was crying, i couldn't touch it. >> now she'll be checking to
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make sure she gets her updated vaccinations. all new this morning relatives of an 11-year-old girl who died after police say she was ak ducked by a registered sex offender will not have to pay for her funeral or burial. 30-year-old thomas leggs jr. is now charged with kidnapping and burglary in her disappearance. sarah's body was found christmas day and brought to the state medical examiner's office here in baltimore. >> everybody's relieved that she was found. they're not relieved the way she was found, but she was found. we hope that the family, we're praying for the family. >> investigators are expecting a report sometime this week. leggs is a registered sex offender in maryland and delaware. a funeral home in salisbury says that the local donors have come forward and offered to cover all the costs for the young girl's funeral. listen, we took a bite out of our couch pillows.
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we slammed a cold one on the bar, tore our snuggie in half and we still have a chance for more. how about that? if the ravens win in oakland this sunday, they make the playoffs. back to pass, wide open was mason and he dropped it. touchdown was called back. fox worth's touchdown was called back. still the ravens lose 23-20. the fans, let me have it. >> in a nutshell, the ravens won this game. it just doesn't show up on the score board. we beat them and we'll beat mill cause key. >> we won 60 and you guys have won one. >> that guy is really -- >> the ravens will still make the playoffs if they can beat oakland on the road next week. >> he's one of the top coaches in the country. he will not leave florida but
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he's going to take instead a leave of absence. coach meyer changed his mind sunday and will continue despite continuing concerns about his health. he expects to be on the sidelines for next season opener. all right. 6:55. we've got a breaken sky which means we've got a partly to mostly cloudy setup. this is annapolis. but the winds have already pushed to 28 miles per hour knocking that windchill down into the mid-20s. here's the setup. today, if we hit 40 it happens this morning to lunch time. we drop this afternoon and maybe drop a few flurries as well. 25 overnight. only back to 33 with the sun but strong winds tomorrow. 38 on wednesday. start sunny with increasing clouds and we'll watch this potential storm. could start with a wintery mix
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and could change to snow new year's eve to new year"s day. you can expect some delays as you approach the 895 split. we have a crash there blocking the right lane. building volume around the outer loop at harford road. same thing on the west side between liberty road and about the baltimore international pike. only one lane gets by to the far left. that bus fire is still blocking two right lanes there so use some caution. and as we check here at jfx traffic looks great in both directions. all right. don't forget about good morning maryland at 9:00. >> you had everything there. what do you want? >> a lot of thi. >> good. >> all right. we're going to talk ravens today at 9:00. >> of course. absolutely. >> bring a tissue. >> you dropped it again. >> all right. we'll see you at 9:00 here this morning. >> you got anything else to say? >> i got nothing.
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see you at 9:00. >> okay.
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